Beautiful Lime tree brilliant gift with citrus fragrance and Small fruit.


A gift that keeps on giving

Lime trees make excellent gifts for you or for others. They offer a simple decoration to your home or work place. They are also fantastic gifts if you know someone who has a hobby of cooking or baking. A lime tree will keep on providing you your own limes to use in recipes and drinks. 

Simple, effective decoration

Their pretty white flowers make a great contrast against the vibrant green leaves and the luscious Limes. They will look beautiful in your home, garden or work place and are splendid for adding colour. Their leaves, flowers and fruits have a citrus fragrance, giving a fresh and clean appeal to rooms and gardens. Its large size and shape make it perfect for keeping on a patio or in a conservatory, allowing the plant full sun.

Pick when you're ready!

It is an easy to grow plant, which you can't go wrong with. The plant is already matured with fruits. Unlike most fruit trees, the lime tree is designed to allow you to keep the fruits on the tree for more than 6 months - so you can pick it when you want to use it. There are many uses to limes, from using in cooking and baking to making lemonade or using for cleaning. A plant you really can't go wrong with.

Pot size 21cm, Height 75cm approx.

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