Christmas Special Gardening Hamper - Trolley, 4-in-1 stool and Hose hanger.

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  • Ideal for making any gardeners life more enjoyable, comfortable and easier.

  • Our most popular gardening items are included.

  • All made from durable recycled plastic with treatment against weather and UV rays.

  • Excellent gift package suited to all gardeners

  • Personalised Gift message and wrapping available.


The Special Gardening Hamper includes three of our most popular items, the garden trolley, 4-in-1 Seat n Roll and Deluxe Hose hanger. These items will make any gardeners life much easier and more comfortable. The Seat n Roll is especially beneficial to those with back or knee problems. Available with a personalised gift message and seasonal gift wrap.


The garden trolley can be used to move anything you wish around your garden, including logs, compost, water and gravel; much like a wheelbarrow would be used for. This is a fantastically long-lasting and lightweight garden trolley, which is made from weather resistant and UV protected materials.


The “4 in 1 Seat n roll” gives relief from sore back and knees, allowing you the ability to sit down whilst gardening, planting or painting, even when the ground is wet or muddy. It also allows you to be at the right height for easy gardening or weeding, eliminating the need to stand for long periods of time. As a multifunctional stool, it can be used as storage for tools or other things you may need whilst gardening. There is an enclosed storage compartment which is easily accessible by simply lifting the lid of the stool, making weeding and planting effortless.


The deluxe hose hanger is suitable for use on Garages, Sheds and House Walls. This Hose Hanger solves the issue of a tangled or twisted hosepipe and keeps the hose in a safe place. An inner shelf is useful for storing tools, hose attachments and more. Includes instructions on how to attach it to the wall and how to attach the shelf inside of the storage container.


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