Organic Fast Grow Chicken Manure Fertiliser (10kg)

  • 100% Organic fertiliser- no harmful chemicals.

  • Great easy-carry handle to help with mobility

  • Helps to encourage strong root systems, foliage and more fruit/veg growth

  • No risk of any parasites that could be present in meat-eating animal’s manure

  • Gives your plants more calcium, and reduces toxins in your soil

  • Great for encouraging new flower beds to grow

This organic fertiliser has no additional ingredients, and is especially good around root crops such as potatoes, as it helps to establish strong root systems, foliage, and more fruit/veg. It also encourages more worm activity, making your soil better quality by banding soil particles together. This fertiliser also helps plants to grow better in low light, and in overly wet/dry conditions. In addition to this, this fertiliser helps your plants get a much needed doses of calcium, and reduces aluminium toxins in your soil. Chicken manure is rather strong, so you should use it according to the instructions. Kickstart your garden today the organic way.



  • Tree Pre-planting: 60g per hole. Apply to the base and top with soil. If there is poor soil add a further 30g. Water well.
  • Established trees: 500g per tree per year of growth. Apply evenly throughout the year.
  • Vegetable and flower beds: 150g per square metre prior to planting and 100g per square metre every 6-8 weeks
  • Roses: 150g per plant applied every 8-10 weeks throughout the year


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