Black Lawn / Gravel Grids - Made from Recycled Plastic

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  • Prevents loss of gravel on car drives and garden pathways

  • Makes your path look pristine and prevents damage to your car

  • Stops weeds and wildlife damaging your lawn when placed under turf

  • Cost effective alternative to concrete slabs or paving

  • Can also help with drainage issues on your lawn or driveway


These gravel holders prevent loss of gravel on driveways and garden pathways, making them look pristine all year round with minimal effort, and no need for raking your gravel. These holders also mean that no stray gravel can damage your car. These grids also go under turf, they protect your lawn from wildlife and weeds. They are lightweight, durable and practically invisible under both surfaces. They come in two pack sizes, or can be ordered individually, allowing for all amounts to be covered. These recycled plastic Gravel Grids are a cheaper, eco-friendly alternative to concrete slabs or paving. This product is also easier to install than paving, and can also help solve drainage issues on your driveway or lawn.


Also available are parking space markers, which will reflect during the evening to allow for easy parking. These are available as individual pieces. Parking markers are 7cm (2.75 inches) in diameter and are rounded.


For the Grids we offer a pack suitable for approximately 5 square meters (21 grids) and for approximately 10 square meters (42 grids).


Individual grids are; 49.2cm in width (square grids)


Height 3.9cm and height including intergrated spikes 6.4cm.


Load bearing capacity up to 240 t/m squared.


4.4 units are needed to cover areas of 1 sq/m.


Colour: Green




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