Common Gardenia

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  • Lovely sweet floral fragrance with tropical green lush leaves.

  • Ideal gift for birthdays, weddings and thank you’s.

  • Long flowering period of many months.

  • Elegant creamy white flowers - supplied with flowers or buds by Best4Garden.

  • Evergreen - Beautiful looking leafs all year round.


The Common Gardenia is a beautiful flowering plant to own. It’s lovely fragrant flowers make it a delight to have as an indoor house or office plant. The Common Gardenia flowers for many months in a row and is an evergreen plant to look stunning all year round. Most gardenias grow into a round shape with dark green, tropical shiny leaves and creamy-white fragrant flowers that bloom from mid-spring into summer. They have a wonderful floral sweet scented fragrance which will fill the whole room. Gardenia’s make an ideal gift for birthdays, thank yous, weddings and many other occasions. The plants will be supplied with some buds/flowers on them during the spring and summer months. 

Pot size: 13cm, Height: 30cm

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