Palm Lily - Cordyline Fruticosa

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  • Attractive colourful foliage - Reddish-Purple colouring

  • Ideal for use as an indoor desk, windowsill or shelf plant

  • Great for Feng Shui - Grown in Asia to fend of Evil Spirits

  • Great for all keen plant growers and adding colours

  • Plug Plant - Supplied in a 6cm pot


The Palm Lily is an indoor little-branches green shrub, which is most commonly grown for its colourful leaves. Belonging to the dragon tree plants, this Lily has an upright growth in shrub form with an unbranched trunk. The Lilies leaves are a pointed oval shape, which are a reddish-purple colour. They are thick, glossy and flexible, often with green, yellow or orange stripes and markings.

When the Palm Lily is a mature plant the leaves come as tufts from the top of woody stems. Mature Lilies also produce yellow or red flowers that are sweetly scented and are less than 1.25cm in diameter. In younger houseplants the leaves grow along the stems. Another name given to this plant is the Good Luck Plant. This may come from the tradition in Asia, where the plant is grown around houses as it is said to fend of evil spirits.

Best4Garden is supplying a plug plant sized Palm Lily, which is ideal for keeping on windowsills, shelves and desktops. Ideal for all keen plant growers and for adding a touch of colour to offices and homes.

Pot size 6cm


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Written by undefined on 20th Jul 2016


A lovely little plant. Arrived in good condition, as described.