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This collection of mini plants is an ideal way to start your collection of plants, requiring little care these are great for all to grow. Their small size makes them perfect for use on windowsills, desks, shelves and more. They can also make a wonderful gift set for any occasion with our gift wrap and message options. All plants are in 6cm diameter pots.

Options to purchase are a pair or trio of a specific plant variety or a set of 6 from the plants listed. This set of 6 will be selected randomly, please contact us prior to ordering for any special requests.


Birds Nest Fern - Asplenium Nidus

The Bird’s Nest Fern has shiny undivided fronds which grow upwards to form a bowl/vase shape nest. They are a popular tropical fern because of their striking looks in homes and offices. Their leaves are an apple green with a dark brown central rib that blends into the leaf.

Crispy Wave Fern - Asplenium Nidus Crispy Wave

The Crispy Wave Fern is a trendy sculptured fern with shiny green pleated leaves. They are very easy to care for and will add interesting textures to your home or office.

Parlour Palm - Chamaedorea Elegans

The Parlour Palm is an evergreen palm, which produces many green leaves. Once the plant matures it sometimes produces yellow flowers.

Areca Palm - Chrysalido Lutescens

The Areca Palm is a popular houseplant because of its striking style and easy care nature. It will add a simple exotic look to any room whilst providing a burst of greenery.

Spider Plant - Chlorophytum Laxum

The Spider Plant is a timeless and easy to look after houseplant. Spider plants are evergreen perennials with green leaves with creamy-white stripes. Spider Plants are also excellent at purifying the air.

Money Maker - Crassula Ovata

The Money Maker is a popular easy care houseplant. It produces tree-like branches and is covered with glossy oval leaves, sometimes with a reddish colouring.


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