African Violet Gift

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  • Beautiful bright flowers - Full of flowers.

  • Appealing gift plant - Gift pack options available.

  • Wonderful gift for easter, birthdays and thank you’s.

  • Easy to care for - Flowers for a long time, year after year.

  • Ideal plant for homes, desks/tables and windowsills.


    This plant comes in an attractive bag, making this an ideal gift for a friend, family member, or even a work colleague


The African Violet is a beautiful indoor plant with lovely coloured flowers. They are dainty plants with rounded dark green leaves and fleshy stems. African Violets make a wonderful gift for birthdays, easter and thank you’s. They are classic plants that every garden will enjoy owning. Their small size makes them an ideal plant for homes, desks/tables and windowsills. Their easy care along with their small size, makes them appealing as a gift plant.

Pot size: 12cm

Height: 25cm.

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