Attraction Water Lily for ponds

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  • A beautiful pink water lily with a dark pink inside and a lighter pink outside.

  • Floating Rounded Leaves - Bronze tinged in colour.

  • Excellent for providing shade to fish 

  • Helps to keep your pond water clean - Removes toxins and prevents algae build-up.


The attraction water lily is a hardy Lily with floating, rounded leaves and showy fragrant cup shaped flowers. Attraction produces Crimson Red blooms with deep yellow stamens, these contrast against it's bronze tinged leaves. A very easy to care for plant, which will be beneficial in providing summer shade to fish and help to keep your pond water free from algae.

Available as 1 Litre, 3 Litre or 30 Litre pot.


Growing tips:

  • Keep lilies away from flowing water and fountains

  • Best placed in a Full Sun position.

  • Blooms from June to September

  • Best used in a Medium to Large Pond - Spreads approximately 90cm.



Please note that items may not always be in stock, we can send an alternative of a similar plant or wait until the item is back in stock. If you want to check availability please contact us before placing your order. Best4Garden is working with Anglo Aquatics Nursery to supply high quality Pond Plants which are delivererd directly to you. These plants are supplied with a guranteed delivery and high quality plant. When ordering the 30 Litre size, this will be delivered by pallet. There is an additional charge of £25 added to the price to cover this. These plants are very heavy around 30-50kg, and will require at least two people to carry them. 


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