Hermine Waterlily - 3 Litre

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  • A beautiful, delicate waterlily which is pure white.

  • Offers shelter for aquatic wildlife beneath the surface

  • Provides a landing pad for thirsty honey bees.

  • Star-Shaped Flowers heads just above the water.

  • Helps to limit Algae Growth.

Nymphaea Hermine Waterlily is a free flowering water lily with pure white, star-shaped flowers held just above the water.The leaves provide a landing pad for thirsty honey bees, while offering shelter for aquatic wildlife beneath the surface. Water lily leaves also help suppress the growth of algae in summer. For best results grow Nymphaea ‘Hermine’ in full sun and allow the plant to spread. Remember that water lilies thrive in still water, so avoid growing near a fountain or pump.


Growing tips:

  • Hardy - Will surive cold winters.

  • Plant in Full Sun postion and allow for spreading.

  • Eventual Spread: 100cm

  • Ideal for medium sized ponds.

  • Only comes in 3 litres.


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