Nymphaea Almost Black Waterlily.

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  • Slightly fragranced.

  • Foliage emerges bronze then turns green.

  • Beautiful flowers with an immaculate colour

  • Waterlilies will provide glorious flowers and shade and shelter for pond life.


The almost black waterlily is a tropical pond plant with very dark blood red flowers. They are suitable for natural planting in clay-bottomed ponds and lakes in semi shade. Their leaf spread is 90 - 120 centimetres and the flowering time is June to September. Water Depth: 30 - 60 cm over the rhizomes (Roots). We provide this plant in one size (3L).

It is a medium sized hybrid water-lily with deep red petals and a darker centre. Almost Black is one of the darkest red water lillies . It’s impressive flowers look their best in cool conditions. This waterlily is most suitable for a medium or a large pond.


Growing tips:

  • Full sun position or Partial Shade.

  • Height: 10cm

  • Leaf Spread: 3.5 - 6 ft.

  • Pond size: Medium - large


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