Sioux Water Lily - Copper Red

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  • Colour Changing Water Lily  - From Yellow to a Deep Copper.

  • Hardy Aquatic Lily, can survive cold winters.

  • Stunning Rich coloured Star Shaped Blooms, with long flowering season.

  • Flowers stay open till late in the day.

The Nymphaea Rustica Sioux Lily is a hardy water lily, meaning that it can withstand cooler temperatures. It's an excellent bloomer and the flowers stay open very late into the day. The Lily's flowers form a star-shaped bloom that changes from rich yellow to dark orange to copper red with deep yellow stamens. It is an exotic looking water lily that will blend incredibly well to give a tropical look to any garden pond.


Supplied in a 1L, 3L or 30L pot. Available from 1st April to 31st June 2016.


Growing tips:

  • Approximate leaf spread: 120cm  

  • Recommended depth of water: 45-90 cm over the rhizome.  

  • Flowering time: June to September

  • Position: Full Sun

  • Colour: Yellow to Orange/Red

  • Best to be kept in a large pond.


Please note that items may not always be in stock, we can send an alternative of a similar plant or wait until the item is back in stock. If you want to check availability please contact us before placing your order. Best4Garden is working with Anglo Aquatics Nursery to supply high quality Pond Plants which are delivererd directly to you. These plants are supplied with a guranteed delivery and high quality plant. When ordering the 30 Litre size, this will be delivered by pallet. There is an additional charge of £25 added to the price to cover this. These plants are very heavy around 30-50kg, and will require at least two people to carry them.


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