Aloe-Hybrid Pandra Variety Set


Aloe plants come as a trio, the first, Venus has red edges, the second Pandra has green with white spots, and the third, White Beauty is mainly white, they are a beautiful looking plant for indoor use only. They can also be kept in a greenhouse. Season of interest: all year round.


Growing tips:

  • Easy to maintain.

  • Some species can be remarkably sensitive to water at the wrong time of year whilst they are resting.

  • Although most species tolerate cool dry winter conditions, few species are sufficiently hardy to withstand cold wet winter weather in the UK

  • Ensure that they are not stood in water. Don’t overwater the plants.

  • Water only when soil is completely dry.

Pot size: 9cm

If you want a beautiful Aloe in your garden all year round this is the plant to have!


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