Carnivorous Plant with ‘Water Fresh’ pot

  • Will keep pests under control naturally

  • Amazing ‘Water-Fresh’ pot - Reservoir insures your plants have enough water

  • Uniquely attractive looks - All individual in character.

  • Like having your own pet - Excellent gift for Children and Adults alike.

  • Please note: Only one plant will be supplied and may not be exactly as shown.


Adults and children will be fascinated by this mix of carnivorous plants. These plants get most of their nutrients from trapping animals, and are uniquely attractive. These plants will eat small insects around your office, home or classroom, and are a natural way to keep pests under control. They are not difficult to grow, especially with a ‘Water-Fresh’ pot. This pot has a reservoir built in, meaning your plant’s needs are taken care of. Simply fill again when empty.  It’s like having your very own pet, without the total commitment.

Pot size 6cm. Height (inc pot) 20 cm approximately.


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