Small Humata Tyermannii- Hare's Foot Fern

  • A very unique fern with a striking appearance- Great for someone who wants something different about their houseplant

  • This fern has very soft hairy stems which drape over the side of the planter as it grows. This is where the plant gets it’s name from

  • It flourishes the most in humid and sunny spots, so would be ideal for bathrooms or kitchens. Just avoid the dry heat of a radiator.

  • The leaves may also need misting on occasion to keep the plant moist

  • A great gift for a friend or family member who likes unique and eye-catching items


This unique indoor fern grows soft hairy rhizomes (hairy stems) as it grows that drape over the side of the pot, thus giving it it’s “Hare’s foot” name. The plant is great if you’re after an unusual plant, as this plant definitely has a striking appearance. This plant is very easy to look after, and will flourish in a sunny spotand high humidity. The fern loves bathrooms and kitchens, but it is best not to put them near a radiator. It is beneficial to mist the leaves on a regular basis. This plant would also be ideal for a green-fingered friend or relative.

Small- Pot size: 12 cm Height: 25 cm

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