Purple 2 Stem Moth Orchid - Phalaenopsis

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*A plant that's a real joy to own! The moth orchid (Phalaenopsis) in Purple and white is a highly admirable plant, which will provide many years of joy. They have been a symbol of love, luxury and beauty for many years now and continue to be so. This makes them perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas because of their beautiful looks all year round. They are very easy to care for and will add a modern class to any surrounding they are placed in. The flowers are said to be in a similar shape to moths or butterflies, which is why they are referred to as moth orchids. *A brilliant way to add luxury. Orchids make a brilliant gift for everyone and will look great no matter their placing. The Purple orchid makes a very special gift. Purple is also a relaxing and calming colour which can bring a sense of calmness to even the busiest environments. The Purple colouring combined with the simple look of the orchid will create the perfect combination for an office or kitchen. **This moth orchid can be a luxury to own which requires only simple care, the perfect gift not to miss out on.

*Product Details. Pot size - 12cm Plant height (including pot) - 60cm Plant is as supplied as seen in image.

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