Ficus Piluma

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Ficus Piluma (commonly known as the Creeping or Climbing Fig) has small heart-shaped leaves that densely cover its long stems. Its growing habits make it a versatile plant indoors. To show off its thickly leafed vines, put this trailing, climbing, creeping plant in a hanging basket.There are two types of Ficus Piluma, there is the Ficus Piluma Bellus which is variegated and the Ficus Piluma which is purely green.


Pot size: 11

Available as a set of two or four.

Growing tips:


  • Don’t overwater: water thoroughly when mixing pot is dry 1 inch down. Reduce water in the winter when growth has slowed.


  • Prune it back: this plant is fast-growing and needs some help from you to shape it or train it. Prune off new stems regularly to encourage branching and to shape them as they grow.


  • Repot in Spring: This creeping ficus houseplant prefers to be slightly pot-bound. Repot every 3 years, moving to a pot 1 size larger or keep it in the same pot and just give it fresh potting mix.

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