Floral Red Potted Elephants ear

  • An Elephants ear indoor, large leaf tropical plant.

  • Great as a garden feature plant or decorative houseplant.

  • Large plant that is great for offices, cafes and school decor.

  • Can be grown indoors or outdoors as an annual plant.

  • Comes with a Floral Red pot, which compliments the alocasia leaves perfectly, and will make a great gift.


Elephant’s Ear is a terrific jungly bedding plant with tropica, very large heart shaped leaves. They can become a great focal point of your garden or a bedding plant amongst others. Alocasia is commonly grown for it’s large tropical foliage and upright form. Elephants ear is popular as an annual plant because of its quick growth, as it is not a hardy plant those wanting to keep it all year round should keep the plant in a container that can be moved inside. The Alocasias flowers are a rare sight, that produce a white bloom. This plant will provide a bold and tropical look in any setting, making it great for bringing the tropics into your home.

Pot size is 24cm, Height is approximately 95cm (inc pot).

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