Miniature Cat Kitten Grass

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Treat your cat to a special present of Cat Grass!

An ideal alternative to grass for indoor/house cats and those kept in flats. the Ideal Gift for anyone who owns a cat/kitten that will benefit the both of them. Cat's use the grass as a way to help with digestion, furballs and to gain additional nutrients. By providing your cat with Cat Grass it provides a nutritious and tasty plant with naturally sweet stems.It is especially soft and rich in vitamins so it is even suitable for kittens. Not only is Cat Grass great for your cat but also makes a lovely decorative houseplant with a healthy and fresh green look.


Cat grass is perfect for keeping your cat from eating your plants.

To prevent your cat from eating your houseplants and damaging them, the trick is to allow them their very own plant that is loved by all cats. Many plants can be harmful to your cat, as well as the chemicals put on grass, Cat Grass is harmless to your cat. It will become your cats favourite plant.


The cat grass will come pregrown, ready to use. Pot size: 6cm

Available as an indivdual, pair or 4 set of plants.

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