Ponytail Palm Nolina Recurvate - 26cm pot

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Adds a distinctive elegance.

The Ponytail Palm is also known as Nolina Recurvate (Beaucarnea recurvate). It is a distinctive plant which is elegant and beautiful. It is well suited to being a table or desk plant, making it the perfect for offices, kitchen tables and home decoration.

An easy care novel gift.

It is a novel palm gift that will grow well in a shallow pot with some green grass like leaves emerging from its bulbous stem. As one of the easiest houseplants to grow it is well suited to everyone no matter their gardening knowledge and will thrive in a centrally heated room. No pruning is required and will look great all year round as it is an evergreen plant.

Unique yet striking appearance.

The plant has thin leathery textured leaves, which flow up from the base much like water in a fountain, given time it becomes more like a miniature willow tree. The stem of the plant has a swollen appearance and is well suited to store water in. Being one of the easiest houseplants to grow with its own distinctive style this makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays and other gifts or just as a treat for you.

Product details. Potsize 26cm Height 85cm 

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