Red Chinese Evergreen

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  • Popular colourful foliage plant for indoor use - Contrasting dark green leaves against red pink tones.

  • Beautiful modern gift plant - Alternative to classic Poinsettia.

  • Strong air purifying plant - Small size makes it ideal for desks, windowsills and tables.

  • Will add a refreshing look to offices, kitchens, bedrooms etc.

  • Very easy care with limited watering needs.


The Red Chinese Evergreen is a popular plant for use in interior decoration. It’s colourful foliage makes this Chinese Evergreen an ideal home-decor accent. The Red Evergreen is one of the easiest houseplant to grow, needing little maintenance and limited watering needs.

It’s dark green leaves are lined with bright red and pink tones. This makes the Red Aglaonema a year round, modern alternative to the classic Poinsettia. It has an added benefit of being a strong air purifying plant, helping to clean the air of your home or office.

To make the most of this beautiful plant keep it in a colourful container which enhances or contrasts its bold colours. Chinese Evergreens will add a fresh look to your office, kitchen, living room or bedroom. It’s relatively small size makes it perfect for desks, tables and windowsills.

Pot size 12cm, Height (inc pot) 40cm approximately.


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