Spider Cactus - Gymnocalycium horstii

  • Minimal spined, distinctive Cactus

  • Ideal for collectors or new beginners to the cactus world.

  • Spines look similar to Spider legs - curve inwards toward cactus body

  • Suited to growing on a windowsill or desk environment.

  • Unique Christmas gift with gift wrap available.


The Spider Cactus is a distinctive shaped, with minimal spines on a green ball-shaped body. It has been named the Spider Cactus after its spines being shaped similar to the look of Spiders. The globular shape has a squat appearance with the ability to produce flowers in white, pink or purple shades, given optimum conditions. An ideal gift for collectors and those with a new interest in Cactus.

Pot size 5.5 cm.


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