Indian Rubber Tree - Rare Ficus Elastica Abidjan.

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  • Rare Variety in UK - Stunning Dark Burgundy Tones.

  • Easy to grow and suited to low light locations

  • Stunning evergreen for your home, office or restaurant.

  • Ideal tall indoor tree - Air filtering qualities

  • Excellent for hallways, door entrances and large rooms.


The Rubber Tree is a popular ornamental plant, grown for its large glossy leaves with a dark burgundy colour. This Abidjan variety is a rare and unusual variety to receive within the UK. Rubber Trees are very easy to grow, and can survive well on low light. To keep your plant at its happiest avoid overwatering, cold drafts and regular movement of location. This large rubber tree will look stunning near door entrances, in hallways and as general room decoration. The Rubber Plant is noted for its ability to remove toxins and filter the air, as well as gaining its name from its sticky sap which dries into a low-quality rubber.


Pot size 27cm. Height (inc pot) approximately 180cm.

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