Jewelled Green Fingers - African Spear Plant - Sansevieria

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  • This jeweled spear adds charm to any room, with coloured metal rings decorating different spears. These rings can be changed to allow the plant to act as your own ring holder!
  • Delightful gift plant for weddings, anniversaries, engagements and more- Add gift wrap and personalised message for a ready to go Birthday or Christmas present.
  • Ideal decorative addition to homes, offices, hair salons, nail bars, spas and more.
  • Survives with little care and limited watering - Great for those with little plant knowledge
  • Supplied in a white ceramic planter and packaging as shown.


The African Spear Plant is a popular ornamental plant, which are virtually unkillable. This jeweled version adds some charm to the plant, making it a modern decorative choice for hair, nail or makeup salons, as well as for spas, offices and homes. Jeweled spears also make stunning table decoration for weddings, engagements or anniversaries. A quirky use of the spears is to also store your own rings on them, providing a multi-functioning plant!


An ideal gift for teenagers and young adults for their Birthdays or Christmas. Spears offer an alternative to the Lucky Bamboo plant and make ideal desktop plants, for the home or office environment. Spears make wonderful gift plants for all occasions and their small size makes them ideal for use on windowsills, shelves and desks. The African Spear is supplied in the gift packing as shown in the image, however further gift wrapping or messages can be added at checkout.


Sansevierias will thrive on neglect and will tolerate long periods between watering. During the winter they need watering monthly or less, whilst in the summer this needs to be done weekly or every other week. This makes them an ideal plant for those who are often away from home or the office. Spear Sansevieria have striped, tubular leaves which are smooth with dark green markings, and finish up with a pointed tip.


Supplied with jewelled rings in a white ceramic planter. Packaged as shown in image.

Pot diameter: 7cm

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