Knitted Pot Succulent

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  • Succulent plant that comes in a knit-look pot

  • Ideal gift for a collector of succulent plants or as a simple decorative addition. 

  • Ideal for your kitchen, office, living room or any windowsill in your home

  • Being a succulent plant this is a very easy plant to look after, as it needs minimal water. A perfect plant for busy people. 


Liven up your kitchen, office or living room with this succulent plant. The plant comes in a knit-style pot, which means that this would be an ideal gift for all occasions. Succulents are very easy to look after, and only need watering occasionally, making this a great plant for busy people. This plant would be a lovely quirky gift for a friend, family member or a workmate, or someone who just wants to add to their succulent collection.

Pot 12 cm.

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