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Ladies Border Spade

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  • Ideal for general garden use and finer work between plants

  • Tough fork with study construction - Head is welded to shaft

  • D shaped handle with smooth coated finish - Can be hung up for easy storage

  • Lightweight - Only 1.3kg - Ideal for Children, females, and elderly users

  • Bright Green and Yellow colouring - Easy to find


Top Quality tools - A top quality product by Lasher tools


The Ladies Border and Edging spade is ideal for fine work between plants, edges and borders. A tough spade that has been designed for domestic use, with a lightweight yet sturdy construction. The ‘D’ handle style makes for a comfortable hold, due to the Epoxy coating for a smooth finish. This handle shape also allows the spade to be hung up in sheds or garages for tidy storage. A very high quality finish, with the hilt being welded to the handle shaft. The spades weight of only 1.3kg, makes it suitable for use by teens-, ladies, the elderly and those unable to lift heavier items. The bright green and yellow finish, means that the spade is easy to find when left on the ground or out in the dark.


Blade width: 160mm

Handle length: 680mm

Weight: 1.3 kg

Finish: Epoxy coating


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