Mini Sensitive Plant - Mimosa Pudica

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  • Ideal small gift plant for all ages and occasions.

  • An interactive plant that will react to your touch and environment changes.

  • A fun and easy to care for indoor plant - Delights Adults, Teenagers and Children alike.

  • Delivery Time is 1 to 14 days - Please contact us for any special requests.


The Sensitive plant has touch sensitive leaves which will interest both adults and children alike. This almost magical reaction from the leaves is sure to inspire interest from all those shown.

You can have a plant that plays games with you and lets you know when it's time to go to bed - during the evening the leaflets fold together causing the leaves to droop downwards. The same reaction can be caused by touching the plants as well as natural environment changed.

The Sensitive Plant is an ideal gift for all ages and any occasion. As an easy to care for indoor plant, that will provide you with daily entertainment. A fun plant to own that will hide away from you when touched.


Pot Diameter: 5.5cm 


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