Garden Leaf grabbers

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Prevent wasting your time using Best4Garden garden leaf grabber hands.

This product is a great solution to the time consuming process of collecting garden waste such as leaves, hedge trimmings and grass clippings. Garden Grabbers are just right for all garden sizes and can be a great addition to everyone garden, saving you valuable time.

Solve frustrating leaf collecting problems

Isnt it so annoying when leaves get stuck in your boom/brush? Well using these garden grabbers you can solve this problem. They are a valuable way of collecting large amounts of garden waste and moving it. Fed up of pricked fingers from thorns? You dont need to suffer any longer. These garden grabbers mean your hands no longer need to come in contact with thorns.

Suitable for all year, all needs and all gardens

These leaf grabbers can collect large amounts of leaves and garden waste at once, meaning it will save you time and effort, making the job amazingly simple. They are ideal for use all year round, from leaves in the autumn to grass cuttings in the summer, a purpose can be found no matter the time of year. They are comfortable to use because of their design which makes them easier to handle. Their lightweight, durability means they will be long lasting especially with the weather resistant and UV protected materials they are made from.

Product dimensions (cm/inch): L: 50.0 / 19.7 W: 35.0 / 13.8 H: 12.0 / 4.7 Product Weight (Kg/Lbs): 0.575 / 1.26

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