Large wooden cold frame

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Extend your growing season! This large cold frame is perfect for growing plants and seedlings in a protective environment. It creates a protection against pests getting to your fruit, vegetables and flowers. The cold frame is an ideal place to gradually acclimatise plants that have been grown in greenhouses/indoors to the outside conditions. It also allows for the planting and harvesting season to be extended by a month or more either side. · A resilient convenient product. The frame has two acrylic glass lids that open separately which let in plenty of light and can be opened to help with the hardening of plants. The frame is made from FSC wood which means the wood is from a responsibly managed forest. The wood/timber is pressure treated to a high quality to allow for longer lasting of the product. · Product details: Frame size: 40mm x 40mm Cladding: 88mm x 11mm Overall size (width x depth x height): 1.67m x 0.5m x 0.375m ** Delivery to mainland UK only - Due to the items being large and bulky they are supplied direct from the manufacture and can only be shipped to mainland UK (Excludes Ireland, Scottish Highlands, and surrounding islands.)

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