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Nepenthaceae / Nepenthes Bloody Mary

Nepenthes Bloody Mary - Colorful pitchers. Long decorative leaves. But also a plant with unique characteristics


Nepenthes is a genus of meat-eating plants in the plant family Nepenthaceae. The plants usually catch insects, but the larger variants can also catch small animals. The cans can be compared to a stomach. In this the plants produce enzymes to break down the catch into small quantities that can be consumed. In addition, the kannes contain proteins that function as immune systems. It is not just food that can find the way to the cannons, but also all the bacteria that surrounds us.

So far, about 160 species of Nepanthes have been found, but the number is steadily increasing. In addition, crossings are produced to produce decorative or hardy properties.

Bloody Mary is a hybrid where both appearance and hardness are taken care of. The variants that it develops from are N. Ventricosa and N. ampullaria that naturally grow at different heights. This allows it to thrive over a wide temperature range. It is therefore one of the variants recommended for Nepenthe's novices.



In Norway it can be kept outdoor through the warmest summer, but when the temperature fall to 15 degrees at night, it should come inside. Inside it is recommended to find a place where it receives direct sunlight a few hours a day. Initially, it does not need winter rest, but the Norwegian winter's short daylight will make it grow slower. As the plant grows, Pick off old ugly leaves and pitchers.

Keep the soil moist, but make sure the soil is not in water. When you take the plant home, you may want to check if there is a fluid in the pitchers. The plant should produce this itself, but if it disappears during transport, it may be ok to add 1 cm, to keep the pitchers moistured  until new fluid is produced.


In the winter months when there are no insects to catch, you can feed the plant with insects from pet stores or supply floating specialty nutrition for Nepenthes in the cannons. In addition, it may be advisable to spray the plant in the winter months since heated cold air creates dry indoor climate.


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