Old lady cactus - Mammillaria Hahniana

  • Easy to care for, sun loving Cactus

  • Ideal for homes, offices and other indoor environments

  • Great addition to any collection - Stunning Gift for all occasions

  • Prolific flowering cactus - Rose Red buds in spring to summer

  • Provides year round interest - Globe shaped spined cactus



The Old Lady Cactus is an easy care, small Cactus originating from Mexico. As a popular sun-loving plant, the Old Lady Cactus makes a fantastic gift for all occasions. It has a globe-like shape, with a flat top and covered in dense white hairs and fine spines. This Cactus flowers prolifically, producing rose-red flowers atop the cactus in a halo style. This Old Lady Cactus is an ideal addition to any Cactus collections, proving to be a strong flowering variety with year round interest.


Pot size: 10.5 cm


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