Maidenhair Fern houseplant for indoor use


Adiantum Fern is a delicate looking plant with a dark, wiry stem. The common name is the Maidenhair for this beautiful fern, Best for use in a terrarium, can be placed in bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen. It is a small size and good for windowsills and for desk use.


Pot size: 6cm


Growing tips:

  • Moist humid air, warm temperatures and bright, indirect light are requirements for the Adiantum Fern,

  • It’s best suited for growing in a terrarium or a naturally humid room. Use a humidity tray, group with other plants.

  • Ferns require care, trimming regularly and watering daily. Shouldn’t be allowed to dry out completely.

  • Ferns need constant moisture and more humidity than many plants.

  • Temperatures for the Adiantum Fern should be somewhere between 55 Fahrenheit and 75 Fahrenheit,

  • Keep your fern foliage clean and initially keep your eye out for insect problems.

  • Cut off any fronds as they begin to yellow or turn brown as this will encourage new growth.



  • Delicate looking plant with dark, wiry stem.

  • Best for use in a terrarium, can be placed in a bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen.

  • Small size and good for windowsills.
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