Rubber Plant Mix - Ficus Pot 13cm - Air purifying house office plant

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  • Ornamental house or office plant with large glossy leaves

  • Filters toxins from the air for a cleaner environment

  • Ideal for indoor decoration in low light areas

  • Provides a colourful addition to any room

  • Pot Diameter: 13cm


Rubber trees are a popular ornamental house plant, grown for their large glossy leaves. It is noted for its ability to remove toxins and filter the air, as well as gaining its name from its sticky sap which dries into a low-quality rubber.

Ficus Rubber plants are ideal for use indoors, as accent plants or part of a mixed arrangement. This variety pack will provide you with a vibrant and colourful effect, sure to make a statement or blend well into a busy environment.


There are four varieties available:

  1. Ficus Robusta: A compact variety with wider leaves in a deep glossy green shade.

  2. Ficus Abidjan: Dark burgundy leaves - A rare and unusual variety in the UK

  3. Ficus Belize: Variegated cream and pale green leaves; mellowing colours with maturity.

  4. Ficus Tineke: White variegated leaves with a pink/red overtone, contrasting with deep green leaves.


Care: Rubber Trees are very easy to grow and only require some low maintenance care. They will tolerate low light conditions though also happy in sun or partial shade. Ficus are evergreen and the leaves can be cleaned with a damp cloth to keep their glossy appearance.


Please note that varieties may vary from shown. Four plants from the Ficus variety will be sent, including duplicates of some varieties, depending on stock levels. The set you receive may not be the same as in the photo above. If you have any concerns regarding this please contact us before making a purchase.


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