Sedum Burrito Indoor Hanging Basket - pot 14cm

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Sedum Morganianum or more commonly known as Burro’s tail. It is an attractive succulent, it is used in a hanging planter or basket. They possess a lovely green colour.  The benefit of having the Sedium Burrito inside a hanging basket is that is makes the Succulent appear with vibrance.


Kept in a hanging basket so it can be displayed easily

Easy to care for

Decorative plant


Growing tips:

  • Pot burrito sedums in a hanging planter or basket so that the stems trail over the edge.

  • Choose a planter with a thick rounded lip to prevent the stems from breaking or crimping which they often do in planters with a sharp narrow edge.

  • Position the hanging planter indoors near a source of bright, diffused light where ambient temperature stay around 70 F.

  • Choose a spot where the plant receives at least four hours of direct sun daily, such as near a west or south facing window with partial shade

  • Water the burrito sedum weekly during the active growing season. From late March until early October. Allow the potting soil to dry completely between waterings to prevent rot.

  • Water sparingly in winter, providing just enough moisture to keep the leaves from shriveling.

  • Feed the burrito sedum once in sprint just as new growth emerges from the stem tips. Use a balanced 12-12-12 fertilizer.

  • Apply the fertilizer at half the recommended strength to prevent root damage.

  • Water deeply - immediately after feeding.

  • Repot the burrito sedum every two to three years in Spring. Move the plant into a new hanging planter with a diameter increase of 1 inch.




Pot size: 14cm 









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