Set of 8 Echeveria Hybrid Succulent

  • Succulent, fleshy and bears delicate flowers.

  • Rosetta formed succulent leaves.

  • Perennial and easy to care for.

  • Mostly hardy, however bring inside or protect in harsher weather conditions.

  • Small pot size with a 6cm diameter.

These easy to care Echeveria, a charming addition to any home, robust, perennial and mostly hardy, this plant would make an excellent gift for the beginner gardener or a valuable addition to the none novice. Echeverria's with their mesmerizing rosetta form will constantly be giving you gifts as it produces chicks from itself for you to propagate. This alluring succulent also bears delicate flowers and can survive in most climates, so you can effortlessly create the garden you've been dreaming of. The set of 8 comes with different colours and patterns and would make for a decorative garden display or vibrant gift for a loved one.

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