Siberian Squill - Pot 9cm - Scilla Siberica

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  • Brilliant Blue or Snow White Flowers - Bloom during early spring

  • Extremely hardy and easy to care for - Will survive winter frosts and light snow

  • Impressive bell-shaped flowers and narrow leaves - Ideal for adding colour during the cold months

  • Available as a pack of three individual plants or nine individual plants

  • Pot Diameter: 9cm

The Siberian Squill is a common sight during the early spring, blooming with brilliant blue or snow white flowers. Originating from near the Black Sea these are extremely hardy plants that can bloom through frost and even light snow! Squill are simple to care for and are squirrel proof as an added benefit.


Narrow strap-shaped leaves grow from the base of the plant and arch outward, allowing the flowers to be seen unobstructed. The leaves are glossy and mid-green in colour, though the flowers are the main attraction. Wiry stems are topped by nodding, bell shaped flowers in early spring. Plenty of blooms are provided by the plant and tend to be seen from March onwards. Plant yours now for a sea of flowers in the spring!


Please note that flower colours and pot design/colour may vary from shown. Available as a pack of 3 individual plants or as 9 individual plants. This means selecting 3 will not provide three sets of the image seen, but three individual plants. You can choose the colour of blue, white or mixed. The mixed option will be selected at random and depending on stock may not be as shown in the image.


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