South American Pincushion - Mammillaria Columbiana

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  • Originates from rocky slopes and along the shores of small rivers and canyons

  • Excellent for use in rockeries and fairy gardens

  • Suitable as gifts for Beginners and Collectors

  • Ideal for use in the home or office

  • Easy care gift for all occasions


The South American Pincushion Cactus originates from rocky slopes and terraces of varying inclines as well as along the shores of small rivers and canyons. This makes the Pincushion ideal for use in rockeries, fairy gardens and along with mossy areas. Often referred to as the cactus of the ‘Thousand Faces’ due to its ability to survive in a number of places. Also known as the Mammillaria Columbiana, this cactus is ideal for those who collect cacti, as well as those who are new to the species. As with most cacti, limited care is required, making it ideal for use in offices and other busy areas. An ideal gift for those that have limited space or time!


Pot size: 12cm

Height (inc pot): 25 cm approximately


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