Suzannae’s Spurge - Euphorbia Suzannae

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  • Distinctive stems - Deep Green and spineless

  • Very easy to grow - suitable for those without much time or experience

  • Adds interest and texture to kitchens, offices, living rooms and more

  • Quirky gift for Succulent and Cacti collectors


Suzannae’s spurge is an attractive clump forming succulent, grown for its distinctive stems. The stems are deep green and spineless, with unusual ribbing. A very easy to grow plant, which needs little watering and can occasionally bloom during the spring and autumn. This Spurge is a simple way to add interest to any room, with its unique styles and deep green tone. Ideal as a gift plant for succulent or cacti collectors, as well as for those who aren’t the most green fingered!  

Pot size 10.5 cm


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