Vanda Blue Magic Orchid

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  • Rare Dazzling Blue Orchid - Very Popular colouring.

  • Ideal gift for Mother's Day - Symbolic of Love and Charm.

  • The perfect gift for all Orchid Lovers - Gift wrap options can be added.

  • Excellent for catching people's attention.

  • Beautiful Large Green leaves with Stunning flowers.


The Vanda Blue Magic Orchid is one of the most popular orchid species, as well as being a challenging orchid to grow. This Orchid is the dream for many Orchid lovers, because of their dazzling blue colour. The Vanda Orchid has a natural bicolour appearance, with medium to dark blue blooms - with possible purple undertones. Blue Magic Orchids are perfect for drawing attention to any room or table centerpiece. They are a symbol of love, beauty, charm and maturity. This Orchid is an Epiphytic, meaning that it can harmlessly grow upon another plant and gains its nutrients from the air and rain. Supplied in a hanging basket, this beautiful orchid is one not to miss out on.

Deep the roots in Water once a week . 

Supplied with metal hanger to hang the plant .


Grow with no pot . Height (inc pot) approximately 40cm.


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