Variegated Pink Lemon Tree. Indoor plant Ediable and decorative. Rare in the UK Easy to grow. 55cm height

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  • Ideal decorative gift plant for any occasion - Stunning looks

  • Produces Pink fleshed Lemons with a clear juice and acidic lemon flavour - Lemons are Edible 

  • Best grown as a patio container plant, conservatory plant or house/office plant.

  • Attracts pollinating insects; such as Bees and Butterflies

  • Easy to care for - Protect from cold weather and remove ripe fruits.


The Variegated Pink Lemon Tree is ideal for adding a decorative and edible interest to your home or garden. Also known as the ‘Pink Lemonade’ tree, the fruits have pink flesh, clear juice and an acidic lemon flavour. The Rind of the lemons starts as a striped green and cream, which is slightly rougher than the traditional Eureka. When fully ripe the stripes will fade to a yellow with visible pink oil glands. During the spring and summer months white fragrant flower blooms are produced, complementing the variegated Green and Cream foliage. In the UK Climate this plant will be best grown as a patio or conservatory plant which can be bought inside during the winter months. The Pink Lemon Tree will attract bees, butterflies and birds, bringing a variety of wildlife into your garden. This stunning ornamental plant is mostly grown for its looks, and is a slightly less vigorous variety than typical Eureka Lemons.

An ideal gift plant for any occasion, that will provide a striking feature to any home or garden.

Pot 19cm, growing on trelis that help to get more ligt and produce many lemons.

Height (inc pot) 55cm approximately.


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