Aromatic Rosemary Shrub

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  • Multi-purpose plant - Can be used as a cooking herb or decorative plant.

  • Very Easy to care for.

  • Ideal gift plant for Cooks, Chefs and Gardeners.

  • Looks fabulous in gardens, kitchen windowsills and cafes.

  • Beautiful little purple flowers produced during the spring and summer.


This rosemary has excellent needle like leaves which are ideal for cooking with and also for decoration. This evergreen herb or shrub is a must have for herb gardens and have many uses the kitchen.

This multi-purpose plant is very adaptable in the garden – it can be used in patio pots, tubs, planters, borders, beds or as hedging. The rosemary officinalis offers pretty little purple flowers throughout the summer and spring as well as being highly aromatic. The flowers that are produced through the summer are very popular with bees. 

It's one of the most used herbs during the winter months - as the flavour is a real comfort food best associated with roast dinners and meat stews. It offers great health benefits, as with all herbs; using fresh ingredients is always a benefit. Rosemary is known to be a good source of calcium, vitamin B6 and iron; which are all good for your immune system.


Height: 30cm approximately (including pot)

Pot Diameter: 14cm

Position: Partial Sun/Partial Shade


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