Lawn edging 3mm Extra heavy duty.


Recycled plastic lawn edging roll that lasts.


Use recycled plastic edging and start enjoying a neat garden with clean lines.

You can save 50, 60 or even 70% of the work needed to keep your lawn edge neat and tidy for at least 20 years.

How many working hours is that?

How much will you pay to save up to hundreds of working hours?


Extra heavy duty strimmer proof (mow over) edging.


  • A long lasting product that is strong and flexible.
  • Easy to bend and cut.                                       -t2ec16vhjg-ffmq3ttnlbr-y79jkn-60-12.jpg
 Strimmer Proof, resists any strimmers.
  • Weather proof - UV and frost resistant.                weatherproof.jpg
  •  Safe for pets and humans.
  • Made from quality recycled plastic (100%)            green-dog-paw-print-rf68c29f3c45a49f8bb7bff3d7a210753-a67ns-8byvr-216.jpg


  • Tough, long lasting - ideal for path edging and gravel driveway edging.    edging4-3-.jpg



Enjoy best prices

Buy direct from the manufacturer here at Best4Garden and save.        

    brown-1mm-25m-6-.jpg    green-1mm-25m-5-.jpgblack-1mm-25m-5-.jpg


Best solution for your garden

We developed for our customers a range of colours and depths to fit perfectly with the needs of every garden.


When to install lawn edging?

No matter how big your garden is - it make sense to install it asap.

Well, here you can find, just like thousands of other happy customers, tough edgings that last well, at a direct price!  

See the best Guarantee in the industry!


Cost effective lawn edgings that works - keeps the edge neat while saving you time, effort and money, year after year.





My tip for you:


"Lawn edging is a product that you need to take time to choose the right one for the job.

I have included videos, articles and information on the website, if you need more help please contact me. I will be happy to assist."

(I installed and sold these plastic lawn edgings since 1996, while I worked as a garden designer)

Ofer El-Hashahar, BSc.Agr

Garden designer and owner of Best4Garden.

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Extra Heavy Duty 3mm Edging
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Extra Heavy Duty 3mm Edging
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