Greenbo railing planters

Greenbo railing planters

Designed to last - Easy to use.

Made from high quality UV protected Polypropylene with patented rail stability design for growing flowers or organic herb and vegetable gardens without any screws, nails or brackets; which means no more rusting and damages to walls, banisters and fences.


Easy to use and attach.

 Clean design

Its sharp and modern design comes in 2 sizes and more than 10 different colours from contemporary to pop and funky range.

With a patented built-in draining solution (two removable, cleanable, and replaceable trays), it is the perfect answer to a modern urban living lifestyle.

Looks great from any angle.

Who are the customers of the Greenbo Planters?  

Consumers who living in high density dwellings with balconies; houses with fences, banisters and balconies who wish to grow their small organic vegetable garden or flowers utilizing existing structure to maximize living space. Many interior designers are using the Greenbo Planter to decorate indoor and outdoor restaurants, coffee shops area, office spaces and pool fences to free up balcony or garden space.


Use on any fence, banister or balcony - Indoors or outdoors. 

The main advantages of the Greenbo railing product line are:


  • Drainage Solution – Both the Greenbo planters (Large/Round and XLarge/Trough flower boxes) have two built-in draining trays; therefore, the plant’s root system is completely separated from excess water.

  • Better fit to a larger audience - Both the Greenbo L and XL have an adjustable inner stabilizer ribs mechanism.  This mechanism allows the Greenbo railing product line to be mounted on railing up to 9cm for the Large/Round size or 15cm for the XLarge/Trough.

  • Stability - The Greenbo patent-inner rib mechanism acts as an anchor, the Large/XLarge Planters will be securely stabilized. (No additional component is needed to make it stable)  Furthermore; both products carry a unique patented feature which enables them to be tightly secured to a railing though designated places in the planters where a nylon/metallic cable can pass through and wraps it around a the railing for additional security.


Comes with two built-in drainage trays.

Is the Sadlle Planter stable? Can it fall in high  winds or if knocked?

There is no need to fear falling as a result of pushing the planter, wind or any other cause- the planter’s two leg design holds the planter tight to the railing.


Stable at any height.

Award designed planter.

Greenbo XL Designer Rail & Deck Window box awarded at the “red dot award: product design 2012”After an evaluation process lasting several days, it received one of the coveted awards, assigned by a 30-member expert jury. Creative heads and manufacturers from all over the world had submitted 4,515 designs altogether to the renowned product competition. With its high design quality, Greenbo XL Designer Rail & Deck Window box could inspire the experts. It received the globally sought-after red dot for its fine design language in the home & garden product design category. 


Red dot award presented.