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Water Lilies

  • Darwin Hollandia Water Lily

    Nymphaea Darwin Hollandia Waterlily

    Darwin Hollandia is a beautiful large Water Lily. It produces pairs of pale pink flowers, which gradually deepen in colour throughout their flowering period. The inner petals are deeper in colour than the outer ones, with...

  • Hermine Water Lily

    Hermine Waterlily - 3 Litre

    Strengths A beautiful, delicate waterlily which is pure white. Offers shelter for aquatic wildlife beneath the surface Provides a landing pad for thirsty honey bees. Star-Shaped Flowers heads just above...

  • Fabiola Water Lily

    Fabiola Nymphaea Waterlily

    Strengths: Attractions: Attracts butterflies Long Lasting Flowers with Varying Leaf colours. Ideal for brightening any Garden Pond. Beautiful White Flowers with Pink Shading.   This Stunning...

  • Aflame Pond Lily

    Classic Red Waterlily - Nymphaea Escarboucle

    Strengths: Vibrant Red coloured flowers with contrasting dark green foliage. Lightly Fragranced - Attracts wildlife to your pond.  Large Flower Blooms to brighten Gardens.  Flowers stay open until...

  • Colossea Waterlily

    Colossea Waterlily

    Strengths: Long Lasting Stunning Lily. Will thrive well in medium to large ponds.  Attracts Bees, Butterflies and other wildlife.  Stunning Lily which has showy flower blooms.   The...

  • Charles De Meurville Waterlily

    Charles de Meurville Waterlily

    Strengths:  Stunning large burgundy red blooms, through out the summer months. Large dark green leaves provide shelter and landing pads for pond life. Ideal for use in Garden Ponds as well as larger Formal Pools...

  • Attraction Lily

    Attraction Water Lily for ponds

    Strengths: A beautiful pink water lily with a dark pink inside and a lighter pink outside. Floating Rounded Leaves - Bronze tinged in colour. Excellent for providing shade to fish  Helps to keep your...

  • Albatross Pond Plant

    Nymphaea Albatross Waterlily

    Strengths: Frost hardy - Will survive cold winters Will attract Pond Life for an added interest. Ideal for all ponds and lakes -Excellent for planting in deeper areas. Stunning white flowers with...

  • almost black

    Nymphaea Almost Black Waterlily.
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    Strengths: Slightly fragranced. Foliage emerges bronze then turns green. Beautiful flowers with an immaculate colour Waterlilies will provide glorious flowers and shade and shelter for pond life...

  • Indiana Nymphaea

    Indiana Water Lily

    This sought-after Nymphaea Indiana water lily gives a striking, exotic look,with its changing colours through different seasons. This lily easily gives lots of blossoms, and has a long bloom time. It's rich in summer colours...

  • Sioux water lily

    Sioux Water Lily - Copper Red

    Strengths: Colour Changing Water Lily  - From Yellow to a Deep Copper. Hardy Aquatic Lily, can survive cold winters. Stunning Rich coloured Star Shaped Blooms, with long flowering season. Flowers...

  • Denver Water Lily

    Nymphaea Denver Water Lily

    Strengths: Elegant Looks - With Maroon mottled leaves. Hardy Aquatic Lily ideal for Small Ponds. Stunning Blooms - Peony style. Very long Flowering Season - Provides colour and interest...

  • Barabara Dobbins

    ‘Barbara Dobbins’ Nymphaea Water Lily

    Strengths Stunning Look - Fusion of Yellow and Peach Colours Fully Hardy - Will withstand the cold winters. Gorgeous Large Blooms during the Spring through to Autumn.  An excellent addition to any...