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Living Christmas Tree - Norfolk Island Pine

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Product Description

  • No need to buy a new tree every year save time and money.

  • Beautiful Christmas tree to last a lifetime less trees used.

  • No mess from dropped needles cleaner Christmas tree.

  • Easy to care for plant, needing limited maintenance.

  • Makes an excellent gift- Cheaper than usual real Christmas Trees. 


Have a festive, greener Christmas.

If you usually buy a living Christmas tree each year then the Norfolk Pine will save you time on finding a new tree. It will last you for many years and looks great all year round. This also allows you to save money as you only need to buy your tree once. These trees are cheaper than the average Christmas tree, during our limited time sale they are almost as cheap as buying a bunch of flowers! As this tree will last for years, there is no need to cut down living trees to keep just over the festive season.

Beautiful lifelong Pine Tree.

The Norfolk Island pine is native to Norfolk Island and is a splendid evergreen tree. This plant is very easy to grow and can be kept by anyone for a lifetime. It is also known as a natural indoor air freshener for the whole year round. It has feathery tiered branches which are covered with bright green needles.

An excellent multi-purpose tree.

It will make a great present at any time of the year which will double up as a Christmas tree during the festive season. Many people use this plant as an indoor Christmas Tree as opposed to other pine trees that shed needles. The Norfolk Pine, is cleaner and, if grown indoors, does not need to be discarded after the holiday.

Simple to care for.

It is best to place them near a window when kept indoors so they receive natural light. It should be kept watered at least once a week, though shouldn't be left to stand in water. The plant also prefers a humid environment to prevent browning of the needles, something that can be replaced by misting the plant with a water bottle. The plant prefers cooler temperatures but isn't hardy against frost. A very easy to care for plant, that requires little to no pruning- something you really can't go wrong with!


Product details

Small Pot 11cm, Height 25cm approximately (inc pot)

Medium Pot 15cm. Height 30cm approcimately (inc pot)

Large Pot 17cm, Height 75cm approximately (inc pot)

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