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Large Cardboard Palm - Zamia Furfuracea

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Product Description

  • Easy to Grow - Resilient to some neglect

  • Ideal for bright indoor rooms - Stunning decorative addition

  • Can be planted outdoors - Suitable for coastal locations

  • Leaves have the appearance of a fern or palm tree

  • Delightful gift for all occasions


The Cardboard Palm is an ideal indoor plant, providing a stunning decorative addition. The Cardboard Palm is easy to grow and resilient against some neglect. Although known as a Palm this plant is actually a Cycad, with a Palm/Fern appearance. Its evergreen leaves grow in pairs of up to 12 per stem, and its fronds have tight leaflets giving the plant a fern-like appearance. The circular crowns of leaves resemble fern or palm fronds and these can feel a little fuzzy when rubbed (sometimes referred to as a cardboard texture). Cardboard Palms are ideal for use in a bright indoor position, such as an office or conservatory setting. They also make for ideal container or bedding plants for use outdoors. The Cycas is salt resistant and ideal for coastal gardens. Said to be a living fossil plant, around since the time of dinosaurs, this stunning plant is ideal for bringing some nature inside.


Situation: Full sun to light shade, well-drained soil

Pot size 20cm, Height (inc pot) 50cm approximately.


Product Videos

Zamia furfuracea seed pods - Cardboard Palm - Jamaican Sago - Mexican Cycad HD 02 01:15

Zamia furfuracea - Cardboard Palm - Jamaican Sago - Mexican Cycad High Definition Video 02 by TEBA +40 74 782 1314 / 074 782 1314 http://www.albizia.ro/ Zamia furfuracea - Cardboard Palm - Jamaican Sago Scientific classification: Cycadophyta Class: Cycadopsida Order: Cycadales Family: Zamiaceae Genus: Zamia Species: Z. furfuracea Botanical name: Zamia furfuracea Synonyms: Palmifolium furfuraceum Kuntze Oferta Speciala - plante si seminte de vanzare Arbori, Plante si Flori cu pret redus.

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