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Root barrier

Range of root barriers



 * To restrict Bamboo rhizomes from spreading.




 * To protect foundations and prevent damage from trees roots.  

In our range:

2 diffrent thicknesses of:

  • 1mm
  • 2mm

Range of Depth:

  • From 30cm (to stop weeds)
  • 60cm (about 2ft) for bamboo
  • 1metre (3ft+)  for tree roots and large bamboo plants
















  • Root Bamboo barrier

    Bamboo Root Rhizome barrier

      Bamboo Root barrier / Rhizome barrier/ Bamboo control Barrier   Control your bamboo plants from spreading or to stop it from turning into an invasive plant, use quality root barrier...

  • Vertical weed barrier

    Vertical weed barrier

    Vertical weed barrier, to stop weeds spreading by roots and rhizomes.   Control and protect your garden from invasive weeds – Solution that works. Another use is to control garden plants...

  • Root barrier tape

    Root Barrier Tape
    £5.50 £4.50

    Available in 33m rolls and two widths (12mm or 25mm) Extra Strong and Extra Sticky durable tape. Ideal for use with plastic root barrier or plastic lawn edging to secure ends. Durable against outdoor...

  • Double sided tape

    Double Sided “Stikky Tape”
    £6.99 £4.50

    Available in 33m rolls and two widths (12mm or 25mm) Extra Strong, Extra Sticky Double sided tape Ideal for everyday use from crafts to packing and outdoor use. Clear double sided tape...

  • Tree Root Barrier

    Tree Root Barrier

    Our Tree Root Barrier:   Stops and Prevents the spread of tree roots into foundations, gardens and decking. Long lasting, very durable. Resistant to root penetration Resistant to...