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Dwarf Apple Elstar

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Product Description



  • A very therapeutic and educational activity which is fun for both children and adults

  • Will enhance your garden patio or balcony with stunning shapes and colours.

  • Excellent appeal to senses as they look, smell and taste delightful.

  • Very easy to care for plants which will reward you well.


The Apple Elstar is great for baking with and makes a tasty dessert apple. They produce a tough skin with golden yellow tones with deep red blemishes. This variety is a heavy cropper and will store well once harvested. Growing your own fruit is educational, therapeutic, fun and also environmentally friendly - You won’t have to carry bags from the supermarket and there is no cost on mileage. They look great on the garden patio and also on balconies. A new Fruit from Holland. Malus Elstar is a popular variety which crops heavily and stores well and both juiciness and flavour are outstanding.


These Dwarf Fruit trees are ideal for growing in pots or small gardens. They produce fruit at a much younger age than larger varieties, with most fruiting at 2-3 years. Larger varieties take around 5 years to start fruiting. A mature tree can reach 5-6ft and produce a fruit yield of 15-25lb. For this tree variety to reach maximum size, it takes around 10-15 years and needs to be given the space to grow. However to keep trees to a manageable size they can be kept potted or pruned to the desired height. They reach their full cropping capacity at 4-5 years old. This rootstock variety is M27, Extremely Dwarfing.


Pot size: 18 Height: 90cm approximately.


Growing Tips


  • Best grown in pairs

  • Plant from late autumn until early spring for best results

  • Apple trees in the UK are fully hardy

  • Apple trees require little maintenance.

  • Harvest in October - Keeps well till December.

  • Disease Resistant variety.

Product Videos

Dwarf fruit trees as an option in your yard 07:41

Everyone thinks that you need 5 acres to be able to grow fruit trees in your yard. This is simply not true! With new dwarf varieties of fruit trees, you can grow just about any fruit tree in a large pot or in a small space in your backyard. In this episode, I will show you all the different dwarf fruit trees we have in our relatively smaller backyard. It is easy for anyone to grow and as long as you take care of the soil, prune the tree and water it, it will reward you with a lot of fresh fruit!

  • Dwarf fruit tr...
    Everyone thinks that you need 5 acres to be able to grow fruit...