Dwarf Jonagold Apple




  • A very therapeutic and educational activity which is fun for both children and adults

  • Will enhance your garden patio or balcony with stunning shapes and colours.

  • Excellent appeal to senses as they look, smell and taste delightful.

  • Very easy to care for plants which will reward you well.

  • Crisp, juicy and full of flavour.

The Jonagold Apple is a very versatile apple which can be used as a dessert apple, through to producing Cider. Jonagold is a firm yet juicy apple with yellow-white flesh, combining the perfect amount of sweetness and sharpness to produce a high quality apple. The skin is has a red flush layered over a golden green. Jonagold produces heavy, regular crops which can be stored for several weeks. They are best used from November through to early February.


Growing your own fruit is educational, therapeutic, fun and also environmentally friendly - You won’t have to carry bags from the supermarket and there is no cost on mileage. They look great on the garden patio and also on balconies.


These Dwarf Fruit trees are ideal for growing in pots or small gardens. They produce fruit at a much younger age than larger varieties, with most fruiting at 2-3 years. Larger varieties take around 5 years to start fruiting. A mature tree can reach 5-6ft and produce a fruit yield of 15-25lb. For this tree variety to reach maximum size, it takes around 10-15 years and needs to be given the space to grow. However to keep trees to a manageable size they can be kept potted or pruned to the desired height. They reach their full cropping capacity at 4-5 years old. This rootstock variety is M27, Extremely Dwarfing.


Pot size: 18cm  Height: 90cm approximately.


Growing Tips


  • Best grown in pairs

  • Best planted from late autumn until early spring.

  • Apple trees in the UK are fully hardy

  • Apple trees require little maintenance.

  • Position: Full sun/part shade

  • Loam, clay, sand soil types

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