Heavy-Duty all Purpose Polyethylene Tub Flexible and Durable Available in a Range of Colours – Useful for gardening storage or as growing container.

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  • Lightweight, Flexible and suitable for carrying and storing!
  • Washable.
  • Extra strong and durable, a great hand for homely and garden chores.
  • UV protected, suitable for outdoor use.
  • 42L in size height 36.5cm (14.3”) Diameter 45cm (17.7”)

Indoor & Outdoor

Our Tubs are useful for jobs everywhere and anywhere! for example in the garden it can
be used for transporting plants and plant matter, carrying leaves and wood, watering and

feeding plants and livestock and many other uses! UV protected, so no worry of colour
fading, and washable.


Second Pair of Hands

Suitable for washing cars, laundry, party buckets and using for storage as a fisherman, inside
and outdoor use! Available in a wide variety of colours or just black, get one to match your
personality or garden, beautifully fashionable! With these 42 Liter tubs you’ll never have your
hands full again.

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